The largest country park of Shanghai
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1. Park Linying Kitchen. It provides fast food and pastries with clean and cozy environment. Shanghai cuisine is available during Cherry Blossom Festival.
2. Forest Barbecue Area. Address: Opposite to the Exotic Style Garden at Yuelin Avenue; Tel: 021-60529217; Prices (for reference): 6-person grill, RMB90/2h; 8-person grill, RMB120/2h; 12-person grill, RMB180/2h; VIP grill, RMB320/2h. It is featured with outdoor self-help barbecue, enabling people to enjoy the beautiful scenery of green trees and flowing river while barbecuing. Therefore, its an excellent place for the get-together of a whole family, several friends, and the club.
3. Small Shops. There are 8 shops in the Park, located in Winter-sweet Forest, No. 1 sight-seeing boat wharf, No. 2 sight-seeing boat wharf, and three Childrens Playgrounds respectively, and they provide drinks and food.
4. Frog Wharf Restaurant. The restaurant, located in Childrens Festival Carnival, specializes in Italian cuisine such as spaghetti, pizza, sandwich, and curry rice.
5. Bainuo Chocolate Creative Park. Visitors can buy chocolates in the Creative Park or make chocolate by themselves. Such an experiencing marketing mode combined with industrial technology is one of the unique tourism programs in the Park.
6. Souvenir Shop at Yuelin Avenue.
7. Nature-exploring Valley and Ancient Fossils Museum. They present the wonders of nature and ancient civilization to citizens through jades, animal models, and dinosaur fossils of various forms, and they are perfect places for youths and fossil enthusiasts.
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