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Cherry Blossom Festival opened in Gucun Park, Shanghai on Mar. 18 with 7 theme activities
Author Source Gucun Park Update 2015-03-26

Cherry Blossom Photography and Poetry Contest

The activity aims to collect photographs that show the beauty of cherry blossoms in Gucun Park or tourists happiness in viewing the blossoms, as well as poems themed at cherry blossom of an uplifting core, in a bid to involve more people in the festival and add to its cultural profundity.


Group Blind Date

This is a traditional activity in Cherry Blossom Festival, in which 100 young men and 100 young women will be engaged in a group blind date organized by the districts youth league committee, in the hope that cherry blossom will help generate chemistry between them and bring about lifetime happiness.


A Blooming New Year

The traditional culture of Chinese Zodiac is implanted in the festival, with plants sculpted like sheep at the entrance, and a sheep culture exhibition staged gratis in Childrens Forest Carnival.


Pottery Making

  In addition to appreciating cherry blossoms, tourists can still try pottery handicraft manufacturing, including casting, shaping and porcelain painting, which is another attempt to inject traditional Chinese elements into the festival.

German Culture Week

German Culture Week will be staged between March 28 and April 10 in the park, intended to reflect the culture, geography, leisure culture and foods of Germany on different platforms, adding exotic flavor to the festival.



Dinosaur Park: Primitive Call

Dinosaur Park is a newly built theme park, featuring Asias largest dinosaur model and showing more than 60 scenes of dinosaurs to have tourists learn about nature while sightseeing.

Healthcare-related Activities

To promote a healthcare idea conforming to natural laws, healthcare-related activities will be provided from March 18 to May 10 at the Outdoor Theatre of Forest Leisure Sports Garden and during the Park Sports Meet, so as to promote traditional Chinese culture of healthcare.


Supporting Activities 

To cater for tourists demands for food, lodging, sightseeing, amusement, shopping, viewing and sports, 7 supporting activities will be offered, namely, catering, relaxation and entertainment, art showcase, nature exploration, tourist shopping, holiday resort and sports items.


Ticket price:

   The general ticket price to Gucun Park is 20 yuan each; by providing student ID, students of schools at all levels are allowed 10 yuan each; people between 60 and 69 years old should pay 16 yuan each; soldiers, people over 70 years old and the disabled should have free pass in accordance with national regulations of tourist attractions. To attract more tourists and reflect the public benefit of a governmental project, the ticket price to the park will stay the same during Cherry Blossom Festival, retaining free ticket policiesfor the priority groups abovementioned.


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