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Cherry blossom viewing area
Author Source Update 2014-03-12


The cherry trees in Gucun Park are mainly found in four major viewing areas, namely, Suburban Forest Garden (a cherry forest), Childrens Forest Carnival (a cherry garden), Forest Leisure Sports Garden and Forest Roaming Garden, and also scattered in other areas of the park, covering a total area of more than 53 hectares and numbering over 10,000.

1. Located in the southwest part of the Suburban Forest Garden, the cherry forest takes up 130,000 square meters in total, holding nearly 4,000 cherry trees in 28 varieties. The cherry blossom viewing resort is intended to build a unique cherry garden by providing cherry blossom slope, cherry blossom avenue, cherry blossom bypath, cherry blossom cluster, cherry blossom wooden trestle and cherry blossom viewing pavilion to offer tourists every opportunity to appreciate the blossoms as well as the spring. As cherry tree is of deciduous species, considering landscape maintenance at all seasons, cherry forest is not only dotted with evergreen trees but brought into relief by a vast expanse of evergreen plants, thus creating a landscape that is agreeable in spring and summer yet heart-stirring between summer and autumn. Views can be varied within a few steps.

  2. The cherry garden, situated in the east part of Childrens Forest Carnival, capturing a total area of about 25,000 square meters, holding 4 most viewing-friendly varieties of cherry trees in a number of around 500. Facing the cherry forest across a river, the cherry garden makes an indispensable part in the whole landscape and another blossom viewing resort in Gucun Park.

Built up along the river on a mixed terrain, the cherry garden stresses the central role of cherry blossoms, supported by large expanses of grass and blooming trees like magnolia to highlight graceful corridors with cherry blossoms and produce scenery with blossoms and river integrated. The greatest attraction in the garden must be four super-sized blossom trees of charming shapes, from which tourists can enjoy a strong visual effect with burgeoning cherry blossoms. Tourists roaming in the garden may take photos or frolic under cherry trees to fully catch the romance amid the sea of cherry blossoms.

  3. A smaller cherry forest can be found on the north side of cherry blossom avenue in the northwest corner of Forest Leisure Sports Garden. It was learned that after years of growing, the cherry trees in Gucun Park have enjoyed marvelous thriving, especially the old cherry forest. In the autumn of 2013, the park reduced the tree number in the old cherry forest based on its need of partial rebuilding, hoping that cherry blossoms can grow with a nicer density and a better view. Thus, the 200-plus cherry trees taken out from the old cherry forest, as well as another 40 cherry trees in 8 varieties presented by Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden, were reutilized by Gucun Park to build up the smaller cherry forest of about 5,000 square meters.

  4. The Forest Roaming Garden holds a cherry tree zone, where white single-lobe cherry trees are planted along zigzagging paths, and they shall bloom in mid or late March. When they are in full bloom, the overwhelming blossoms would guarantee a view so splendid and spectacular beyond words, appealing to tourists in all their glory.


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