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Gucun Park is a large suburban forest park incorporated with such functions as ecological protection, landscape viewing, leisure activities, entertainment, and tourism. The Park is possessed with rivers, wet land, plant communities, and idyllic scenery, and it also integrates and inherits culture and traditions, reflecting the idea of the harmonious coexistence of human being and nature. The Park is north to Outer-ring Road S20 in Baoshan District, Shanghai, and stretches from Hutai Road in the east and to Chenguang Road in the west. The Gucun Park Station of Metro Line 7 is just inside the park, making it very convenient in transportation.

The total planning land of Gucun Park is about 424.7 hectares and is divided into two construction stages by the river in the middle of the land. The first stage covers an area of 180 hectares and the second of 244.7 hectares. The overall arrangement of the first stage has a Yuelin Avenue landscape development axis, a 100m ecological shelter forest belt at the outer ring, 3 landscape service centers at the main entrances in the east, south, and north respectively, and 7 gardens, Suburban Forest Garden, Exotic Style Garden, Forest Roaming Garden, Forest Barbecue Garden, Childrens Forest Carnival, Forest Leisure Sports Garden, and Botanical Garden.

The second stage has a special ecological landscape arc, a Yuelin Avenue landscape development axis, two 100-to-200m wide ecological shelter forest belts on both sides of S6 and S7 viaducts, 3 areas (Yuelin Lake Forest Waterscape Area, Healthy Farm Area, and Forest Expansion Area), 5 centers (Yuelin Lake landscape Center, Youth Activity Center, Healthy Activity Center, Healthy Farm Leisure Center, and Forest Expansion Activity Center), and 10 sections (Yuelin Lake Scenic Section, Central Pier Scenic Section, Forest Meadow Section, Water Forest Scenic Section, Healthy Activity Section, Youth Activity Section, Flowers, Trees, and Gardening Exhibition Section, Healthy Farm Section, Forest Expansion Section, and Rare Stone Section. All these will present the ecological effect of plant communities through visual effects of different forms. Besides, the Park also integrates Baoshans industrial culture and international folk arts, so as to inherit regional historical context and demonstrate the special cultural connation of Baoshan.

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